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Have you ever noticed that

The best way
to find your
next job

is to use your network of friends?

Have you ever noticed that

your most

were made through friends?

Have you ever noticed that

most people meet
their significant

through friends?

Do you see the common theme?

We do …

We’re all looking for connections.

But in this overly interconnected world of social networks, texts, and tweets, forming meaningful relationships is hard.

Real connections should begin with your real friends.

That’s why Friends was invented!


Download the app and create a fun profile.


Invite your friends to join or search for friends already on the app. Once you do this, your friends will appear on your home screen.


Browse your friends’ friends and your friends’ friends’ friends.


When you find someone of interest, you can request to match (private interaction) or add as friend.


Get to know people through direct chats and create group chats to facilitate group events.


No more robots.

Friends replaces the computer algorithm that’s in every dating app with your real friends.

Wouldn’t you feel more inclined to meet someone in person knowing there’s a connecting thread between you and that person?


With most social networks, you can sometimes see your friends’ friends, but Friends allows you to utilize them.

The user interface of Friends seamlessly facilitates this experience.

Having only your closest friends on your home screen affords people the opportunity to make genuine connections.


Friends is truly multi-purpose.

Your network will expand exponentially as more of your friends use the app.

So whatever your purpose is on Friends, someone is likely to be right for you!

Available now!

As the famous saying goes, “A journey of a thousand friends begins with the first friend.”

Well, something like that.

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